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6/29/06 09:27 am - another_hacker - June 28th - Canton, Fells, and Blues

Dom here with the latest for the BBC blog:

Last night Drew and I hit up Jt's Smoke House, Granits, Austin Grill, Waterfront, Ledbetters, The Horse She Came In On, and Woody's.

This is the first night in a long time that it hasn't been pouring down rain. Canton and the area seemed to have been mostly unaffected by the INSANE amounts of rain dumped on us the last few days.

So we were running around from place to place, and in Ledbetters they happened to be having some kind of open mic type of thing, so I decided to jump and and play some blues with the guitar player there.

Note to the guitar player: I forgot to get the website for you guys, if you email me (dom@baltimorebarcams.com), I will post it here (and probably check out the next time you play).

Also, a shout-out to Pete. Long time no see man.

So the new pics are up in the BaltimoreBarCams.com Gallery, have fun.

And if you have a livejournal, myspace, or facebook account, friend us, jeeeez.

And now for something completely different:
Dom's link of the week: http://drmcninja.com/

-Dom out.

6/9/06 09:26 am - another_hacker - The Midnight Run

Dom here with the latest:

Drew and I hit the Avenue, The Barn, and Towson last night. Should I also mention that Towson was completely dead? What's the deal guys?

Despite the ominous threat of thunderstorms, some ridiculous shots ensued, you can view them up at the Gallery.

The Barn was definitely the bar of the night, what with VS THE EARTH being the band and all. (Shoutouts to our main man Seabass over there.)

ALSO: Arrangements are proceeding nicely for our first webcam installation, look for it to be completely done very soon.

Listen up, Drew and I will be taking to the streets to cause ultimate mayhem once again, this time it will be every other Thursday.

We want to know where you will be so we can get pictures. Email us with where you will be, and we will roll out and take pictures, seriously. Front cover, front page, the whole nine yards. EMAIL US!

Also, if you have any pictures of your own you'd like on the site, Email them to us and we'll post them here. This is a classy site, so nothing obscene please.

If you are on livejournal, we are the community baltimorebarcam. Friend us, jeez.


6/5/06 07:47 am - another_hacker - New web hosting

Guys, we've got some very nice new hosting now setup and the entire site has been moved over to the new servers. Everything should be running much smoother and faster now.

It might take another 24 hours or so until everyone's DNS updates itself. If you can only see the old placeholder page, wait a bit and try again.

In other news...
We've got our 2nd client signed on! I can't reveal who it is until they've signed the contract, but rest assured, this one is a HUGE place (*hint: Perry Hall*)

Have fun, let me know if anything is messed up on the site.

5/31/06 12:45 pm - another_hacker - First Client

Well guys, it's been 2 weeks since we started, and we already have our first bar officially signed on. We'll be installing webcams within the next month or so in this place. We can't tell you the name of the bar just yet, but rest assured it is the first of many.


5/26/06 11:24 pm - another_hacker - Memorial Day Weekend

After a nasty drive down I-95, we hit Nick's and Little Havana's tonight. The crowds were pumped and ready to go for partying all weekend long. We've got The Pictures to prove it.

If you're in those pictures, why not leave us a comment with your name or something?

5/24/06 11:12 pm - another_hacker - Welcome

Dom here with the first post on BaltimoreBarCams.com. We know how much you guys love the bars around Baltimore, be it Towson, Federal Hill, Canton, Downtown, or Fells. This site is totally about you.

Everyone likes to go to the bars, but with tons of them around here, how do you know which ones to hit?

That is where we come in.

In the very near future, we're working to install webcams inside certain bars so you can see exactly which ones are packed and which ones are empty, so you can pick out exactly the place that suits your mood.

Or, you know, you can mess around in front of the webcams while your friends watch, whatever.

In the meantime, we're running around to all the local bars taking pictures and putting them on our site in the Gallery. If you've got any interesting ones, you can post them there too, just create an account on that page and upload away.

This news post is actually from a livejournal community named baltimorebarcam, so if you're on livejournal, FRIEND US! We'll always have updates here.

Enjoy the site guys, and let us know if there's anything you want added!
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